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Hip Replacement

Hip replacement in Richmond, Henrico, and Glen Allen is the appropriate treatment option for those persons experiencing hip and groin pain, arthritis, and an inability to be active. After it has been assessed that symptoms are no longer responding to conservative treatment, hip replacement is the final surgical solution to returning someone to their active and productive lifestyle. This procedure creates a new joint by attaching inserts to the top of the femur and bottom of the pelvis where the leg meets the hip. The new ball and socket move and rotate against a plastic spacer instead of the bones rubbing against thinned or damaged cartilage. Dr. Shaia specializes in this type of surgical procedure and work with you to determine whether or not conservative treatment options have been exhausted, bringing you to the point of hip replacement surgery.

What to Expect
Upon arriving at the hospital on the day of surgery, you will be prepped for the approximately hour long procedure and anesthetized. Doctor Harry Shaia will remove the arthritis and implant a metal ball and shell for the hip joint.

You will perform light physical therapy after the surgery once that day and twice each of the next 2 or 3 days until being released from the hospital. The connective tissues will need time to heal and strengthen, but patients can often quickly feel relief from the chronic joint pain that plagued the enflamed joint before surgery.

Recovery Time
Always follow the orthopedic surgeon’s instructions for your particular recovery circumstances, but most patients are recommended to take it easy for three weeks after the operation. Continuing with rest and light physical therapy allows the connective tissue to heal, strengthen, and begin to work seamlessly with the prosthetic joint. This period of rest and light activity is a small road bump in your return to an active and pain free lifestyle for years to come. Patients are normally completely healed and experience a strong, full range of motion in 2 to 3 months.


Detailed post-operative instructions can be seen on our patient education page.

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