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Knee Replacement & Arthroscopy

Knee replacement in Richmond, Henrico, and Glen Allen is best suited for those who experience knee pain related to arthritis that no longer responds to conservative treatment. Pain stems from the eroding of the cartilage and meniscus in the knee. When these parts are full and healthy, the leg bones can bend at the joint with a sufficient cushion to absorb impact and facilitate the movement. When they break down, the bones can rub together or rotate against torn and inflamed connective tissue. Knee replacement creates a new joint by attaching inserts on the ends of both the femur and tibia in the leg. The components glide along a plastic spacer instead of bone ends rubbing along worn or damaged cartilage. Dr. Shaia specializes in this kind of procedure and can help you understand which level of treatment is appropriate for you, be it conservative or surgical.

What to Expect
After you arrive at the hospital on the day of surgery, you will be prepped for the procedure which lasts about an hour. Dr. Shaia will remove the arthritis and implant a new end to the thigh bone and a new top to the shin bone with a cushion in between and under the knee cap. Knee replacementYou will work with physical therapy once that day and twice for the 2 or 3 subsequent days before being released from the hospital. A walking aid will help you remove some weight from the new joint until you can move on your own without assistance.

Recovery Time
It is best to spend three weeks taking it easy, and allowing the muscles and tissues surrounding the new joint to heal and strengthen. Many patients experience pain free movement very quickly after surgery, but it takes time to easily perform weight bearing movements such as walking stairs. Patients are typically back to a full and active lifestyle in 2 to 3 months. Always follow your physician’s instructions for the recovery period, as they may be specific to your particular severity of condition.

Knee Arthroscopy
A surgical solution rather than a condition, knee arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure that allows joint tissue to heal properly. The orthopedic surgeon uses a small camera to see inside the joint and confirm the pathology. Dr. Shaia will then use specialized tools to scrape, remove, or repair the torn or otherwise damaged ligaments, menisci, or cartilage. This procedure can also be used on different joints of the body such as the shoulder, elbow, wrist, ankle, hip, or foot.Detailed post-operative instructions can be seen on our patient education page.


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