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Name:  Merle Butler
Age: 89
Location:  Louisa
Diagnosis/Procedure: Rt shoulder pain/rotator cuff tear, Rt ankle peroneal tendonitis, bil knee osteoarthritis

Remarks:  Dr Shaia is a wonderful doctor!  He has helped me and my daughter on multiple occasions.  Each time the diagnosis and treatment has been accurate and effective.  I would recommend Dr Harry Shaia to anyone needing orthopaedic care!  I love Dr Shaia!

Name: Mary Robinson
Age:  64
Location:  Mineral
Diagnosis/Procedure:  Rt total knee replacement

Remarks:  My surgery was an excellent success!  My incision is barely noticeable.  I have only good things to say about my experience under Dr Shaia’s care.  If I need to have my left knee replaced, I will definitely be coming back to Dr Harry Shaia.

Name:  Donna Fell
Age:  65
Location: Henrico
Diagnosis/Procedure:  Lt wrist pain, Rt wrist fracture

Remarks:  With no doubt, I would recommend Dr Harry Shaia to everyone!  He was very professional.  Both my wrists feel great!  I felt that each of my return visits was important, that he was very interested in monitoring my recovery.  I was pleased with the variety of treatment options I was offered.  The staff and exam rooms were always ready, it was a pleasure coming to each visit.  I felt like I was really cared for, a part of the family.

Name:  Brad Clark
Age: 36
Location: Glen Allen
Diagnosis/Procedure:  Rt Achilles Tendon Repair

Remarks:  Dr Shaia has an excellent bedside manner.  He explained the process from surgery to recovery in detail but gave me confidence that I would make a full recovery.  I had no complications and was able to return to full activity in the timeframe I was expecting.  I had excellent care from all parties involved including Dr Shaia and his staff, the Ortho Virginia Operatory, as well at the therapy department at the Henrico office.  If need additional orthopaedic care, I will definitely return to Dr Harry Shaia.

Name:  Herbert Patrick
Age:  71
Location:  Chester
Diagnosis/Procedure:  Lt total hip replacement

Remarks:  Dr Shaia is very nice.  I am extremely happy with my outcome.  I wanted to be ready for the summer.  I am now walking without a cane 5 weeks out from my surgery, where I had been using a walker for a year and half prior to seeing him.  I feel like a million bucks!

Name:  Gregory Grant
Age: 55
Location:  Glen Allen
Diagnosis/Procedure:  Rt shoulder rotator cuff repair

Remarks:  My recovery was very successful!  I had a complete tear of my rotator cuff, I could hardly raise my arm to brush my teeth when I came in to see Dr Shaia for my initial evaluation.  The surgery and recovery process was thoroughly explained.  I followed Dr Shaia’s instructions to the letter.   I am completely healed, and 10 months later I am 100% with no pain.  I would recommend anyone who’s having shoulder pain to see Dr Harry Shaia.

Name:  Roslyn Trent
Age:  67
Location: Richmond
Diagnosis/Procedure:  Lt total hip replacement, Rt carpal tunnel release, Lt total knee replacement

Remarks:  I love Dr Harry Shaia!  He really cares about his patients, on many occasions I felt more like a friend.  He’s the best to deal with, he’s there when and if you need him.  He’s always calm and reassuring, encourages you throughout your recovery process.  I would recommend Dr Harry Shaia above anyone else in his field!

Name:  Beverly Kilgalen
Age:  86
Location:  Richmond
Diagnosis/Procedure: Bilateral total knee replacements

Remarks:  My knee replacements were the best things to ever happen to me!  The severe pain I was in prior to surgery is now gone.  I have the life I wanted to live back.  Dr Shaia is the sweetest man I have ever known.  My entire experience with him and his staff has been nothing but a delight!

Name:  JoeAnn Harlow
Age:  72
Location: Glen Allen
Diagnosis/Procedure:  Rt shoulder rotator cuff repair

Remarks:  I have had, unfortunately, a number of surgeries during my life but I give Dr Harry Shaia nothing but the highest marks.  He is very professional, friendly, compassionate and listens to his patients.  The after surgery follow up is outstanding by Dr. Shaia and his staff.  I have had a remarkable recovery from my rotator cuff repair and physical therapy.  He and his staff are very efficient and pleasant.  I would and have recommended Ortho Virginia, especially Dr Harry Shaia.

Name: G.B.
Age: 39
Location: Henrico, VA
Diagnosis/Procedure: Lt Shoulder Rotator Cuff Repair

Remarks: I would like to mention the great care I received by Dr Harry Shaia and his staff pre, during, and after my arthroscopic surgery. Following my accident, I was concerned (this being my first surgery) as to what to expect and my chance of recovery. Dr Shaia and his great caring staff of professionals took the time every step of the way to answer all my questions, perform a successful surgery and follow-up regarding the progress of my physical therapy to ensure a successful recovery. Only six (6) months later I almost have 100% use of the affected shoulder. I would recommend Dr Harry Shaia and his great team in the unfortunate event myself or any of my loved ones need orthopedic services.

Name: Gil Seigler
Age: 68
Location: Reedville, VA
Diagnosis/Procedure: Lt Shoulder Rotator Cuff Repair

Remarks: The surgery and care that Dr. Shaia provided me on my rotator cuff surgery on my shoulder was fantastic! The surgery was almost a non-event, I had virtually no pain during or after the procedure – an operation that I had been dreading for some time. The care that Dr. Shaia and team gave me during and afterwards was wonderful and made the recovery very very easy — and I feel great with full use of my shoulder My physical therapist also was able to fast track me through that without any issues. I highly recommend that anyone needing this surgery go to Dr. Shaia. He and his team are #1!